Our Menu


Gourmet Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Arugula Salad / $10

Our signature entree-sized baked pasta made with a bechamel sauce with parmigiano reggiano and gruyere cheeses and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs. Served with arugula salad from our garden with parmigiano shards, dried cranberries, apples, and toasted pecans with a balsamic raspberry vinaigrette. Add a luxurious white truffle oil drizzle to your mac ‘n’ cheese for $1.


Tex-Mex Plate / $10

Sheep’s cheese enchiladas in mole with taco, quinoa & black beans.


Blue Plate Special / $10

Our signature mac ‘n’ cheese with braised greens from the garden, sweet potato mash, and a house made cornbread muffin.


Our New Rainbow Deli

Reuben Sandwich / $9 

Our signature vegetarian Reuben sandwich made with marble rye, gruyere cheese, housemade 1000 Island dressing and braised kale pan sauteed in butter and served with veggie chips. 

Philly Cheese”fake” Sandwich/ $9 

Our riff on Philly cheesesteak made with sauteed portabello mushrooms, melted gruyere cheese and sauteed bell peppers and onions from the garden served on a sub roll with veggie chips. 

Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich/ $9 

Our famous housemade pimento cheese served on whole wheat bread pan sauteed in butter and served with your choice of chips or soup. 


Pasta of the Day / $9

Freshly made pasta with fall veggies & local cheeses in homemade sauces served with organic seasonal salad.

Quiche Of The Day / $9

Organic free-range eggs in a creamy custard with garden-fresh seasonal veggies served with salad or soup

Heirloom Tomato Tart / $9

Homemade individual tart with garden-grown heirloom tomatoes, puff pastry, and sea-salt Fresca sheep’s milk cheese from Dayspring Dairy. Served with pesto and mixed greens salad from our garden & from Owls Hollow Farm.

Chili and Grits / $8.50

Hearty red bean chili over garlicky cheese grits and topped with cheddar cheese. Served with a side of organic greens salad.

Keto Special Omelet / $9

Organic free-range eggs with two cheeses and summer veggies, served with guacamole salad. Low & gluten free!

Black Bean & Cheese Quesadilla / $9

Our homemade black bean mixture with mozzarella cheese, sautéed in a tortilla. Served with your choice of chips or a side salad.

Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla / $10

Roasted garden and farm vegetables with mozzarella cheese, sautéed in a sun dried tomato basil tortilla. Served with your choice of salad or chips.

Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potato / $8.75

Jumbo Farm fresh organic sweet potato loaded with a savory combination of smoky black bean, mozzarella cheese, house-made salsa & guacamole. Topped with sour cream & served with a side garden salad.

Gluten Free!

Philly Cheese “fake” Quesadilla / $9

Sauteed portobello , bell peppers, and onions with melted gruyere and mozzarella cheeses in a sundried tomato and basil tortilla. Served with your choice of chips or a salad.

Soup of the Day / $5

Back 40/Beautiful Rainbow Butternut Squash Soup $5. This is a collaboration with our partners at the Back 40 Brewery test kitchen. Garden and farm-fresh butternut squash in a veggie broth with warm sage and other herbs topped with toasted pepitas. You can also get this fall soup at Back 40!


Organic Seasonal Fall Garden Salad / $7.50

Seasonal artisan Lettuce & greens with cucumber, shredded carrots, heirloom tomato, apples, cranberries, and other seasonal fruits and fixings dressed with our house-made, organic vinaigrette dressings. Produce from our garden and Owls Hollow Farm!

Gluten Free and Vegan!


All baked goods / $3.50

All of our baked goods are freshly made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. Available baked goods change only!

Pot de Crème / $3

Rich silky, dark chocolate French dessert.


Orange Blossom Lemonade / $2

Bottled Water / $1 (tap water upon request)

“Mama Mocha” Artisan French Press Coffee / Half $2.50 / Whole $4


Power Banana Smoothie / 2.50

Ripe bananas, coconut milk, chia seeds, cardamom, and orange blossom water.