Why We Partner

Partnering with local farmers to help small, homegrown businesses, is something Beautiful Rainbow takes pride in. Any products we are unable to grow/ produce ourselves we try to get locally. The following shares some info on our local partners. 


Owls Hollow Farm

One of our most prideful partnerships we have made is with Owls Hollow Farm. Owls Hollow supplies us with organic greens and other veggies we do not grow ourselves. Lisa, Mario, the kids & their team always make sure to give us the highest quality products. We couldn't be happier with our partnership! 

McLeod Farms

Our delicious eggs come from McLeod Farms located in Jacksonville Al. They supply us weekly with high quality eggs. Come try our many products we use their eggs in! 

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Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.49.37 PM.png

Dayspring Dairy

Our newest partnership is with Dayspring Dairy. They will be supplying our Cafe with some amazing new cheeses! We here at BRC are so excited to have this partnership in place! Come on in a try out some new recipes with their cheeses.