The ultimate goal of Beautiful Rainbow Cafe is to equip our students with the skills they need to work independently in the community.  To date, 16 of our students have obtained employment in the community. Our students have been successfully placed with the following employers in Gadsden:


Back Forty Brewery Test Kitchen

Students employed with Back Forty:

  • Matthew

  • Jaylen

  • Brandon

  • Scott


Blackstone Pub and Eatery

Student employed with Blackstone:

  • Tay

holiday inn.png

Top O’ The River

Students employed with Top O’ The River:

  • David

  • KeShawn


Holiday Inn Express

Students employed with Holiday Inn Express:

  • Marquez

  • Markesha


Maters Pizza and Pasta Emporium

Student employed with Maters:

  • Savannah

  • Bryan


Riverview Hospital

  • Will

  • Gloria


Rococo Floral Studio

  • Justice